Indian astrology and its Effects of Venus

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Published: 12th April 2011
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Venus is the planet of love and beauty signifies harmony, union, life partner, vehicle, ornaments, sex appeal, business, happiness and well being. Also signifies beauty, modesty, virtue, sincerity, artistic disposition, and conjugal happiness, refined and polished nature. Relations with opposite sex, attraction, love, passions and generosity, etc.

• In 1st house indicates good personality, social status, love of worldly pleasures, luxury, amusements and enjoyments. Influence of opposite sex and gain through that. Money through music, dance, cinema paintings, fine arts, etc.

• In 2nd house, good for finances, greedy, eyes lustrous. Excellent for singers. Good will and favour from others. Sociable and loved by all.

• In 3rd house, strong liking for fine arts, poetry, good mental development, good relations with brothers and sisters. Refined nature, creative, etc.

• In 4th house, favourable to domestic affairs, well furnished house, good conveyance, love of home, popular in public and acquisition of house, property if favourably aspected by Sun, moon or Jupiter.

• In 5th house, creates interest in love affairs, has lovely children and gains through them. Idealistic love relations, good marriage and gain through speculation, investment and amusement projects. Success through social life.

• In 6th house, victory over enemies, good health, gain in employment from employer. Care needed while eating and drinking. Love of pets and small animals.

• In 7th house, indicates happy and romantic married life, love, affection, gain by marriage, success in public relations. Enjoyment and happiness. Wealthy and prosperous. Clever in coition.

• In 8th house, luck and gain through partner and inheritance. Peaceful natural death, rich, good position. Cordial relations with all. Interest in the psychic.

• In 9th house, creates opportunities for travel and gains abroad. Optimistic, intelligent, royal favour, prosperous, found of fine arts.

• In 10th house, one becomes popular in public life. Renowned, wealthy, gain through women, happy domestic life. Loved by opposite sex.

• In 11th house, denotes universal brotherhood. Learned, wise, fond of company opposite sex, good social contacts, popular.

• In 12th house, indicates secret love affairs, pleasure of beds, and excessive greed for money. Inclined to romance, wealthy, affection for others.

Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn are the worst signs for Venus in 12th house; indicates ardent desire for physical and emotional pleasures, with others, detrimental due to excesses. Ladies are society whores and men may maintain brothels etc. or have illicit relations with many women.

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