Birth Chart for Saturn in Indian Astrology

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Published: 06th May 2011
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The mighty Saturn is more a friend than a foe. Is an impartial hard taskmaster, serious and conservative? Signifies longevity, makes one careful, thoughtful, laborious, violent, envious, accumulator of wealth, prudent, contemplative, reserved, economical, patient.

When afflicted, is melancholic, deceitful, avaricious, impotent secretive, suspicious, laborious, pessimistic. It is a planet of restrictions and limitations. It creates friendship with wicked persons.

Saturn gives pleasure, wealth, fame, position, success and also reverses of above. It has trait of "Distributive Justice".

Its transit over the natal planets is of great importance.

In 1st house, Saturn indicates a melancholy mind, evil thoughts, struggle in work, and if well placed indicates royal qualities, power, position, diplomacy, independent thinker, practical and intellectual.

In 2nd house, maximum labour, minimum wages. Struggle, harsh speech, business loss, unpopular, fond of drinking, weak eyesight, etc.

In 3rd house, indicates increase in income, gains wealth, and death of brother, victory over enemies, cautious, less peace of mind, wise and valorous.

In 4th house, impairs family happiness. Sudden losses, success in foreign land, loss of ancestral property, licentious scandal, less happiness.

In 5th house, abortive tendencies, suffers for want of a son. Disappointment in love affairs and loss in speculation. Royal disfavour, etc.

In 6th house, makes one adamant, victorious over enemies, if strong. Labour troubles. Increase in income, popular, great authority but troubles.

In 7th house, unhappy, delayed marriage. Humiliation due to women. Not wealthy. Diplomat, political success. Travels much, foreign honour, etc.

In 8th house, struggles, fond of several women, long life, and criminal acts, loss of health, weak eyesight, disappointments, opposition from family.

In 9th house, legal success, founder of charitable institutions, scientific mind. If planet is strong, will be wealthy, charitable, and religious and brings easy money.

In 10th house, rise in life, speedy promotions, sudden reversals and downfall, patience, firmness. Invariably it is not good but if yogakarka exalted etc. will bestow good results.

In 11th house, one is learned, respected, very wealthy, much landed property, broken education, conveyance, political success, ambitious yet frustrated.

In 12th house, it creates secret enemies, secluded life, danger of imprisonment, downfall, losses, accident, injury, dissatisfaction on sexual life etc.

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