Birth chart for married life with saturn in Indian Astrology

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Published: 11th May 2011
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General Tips

Having discussed various aspects of marriage in detail, we now provide our readers general tips to check the married life.

A planet in a house of sign other than his own is like a man in another manís house, where he has limited freedom of action. While he can normally express his views and nature he is fundamentally subject to the rules of his host.

A planet in 7th house is a significator of marriage and marriage partner and indicates more immediate, obvious and superficial results.

The sign in which planet is posited is of great importance. For example, Jupiter in Capricorn in 7th is debilitated. If well aspected give favorable marriage conditions but with reservations. But if Saturn, 7th house lord otherwise called dispositor, is afflicted, the marriage conditions will generally deteriorate and the marriage will have Saturnian effects. So the effects are to be judged.

The following is the results of each planet in 7th house to be modified on the basis of the above rules and lines. It applies to both sexes.

1). SUN:

It is not a happy and desirable position. The partner will be of an independent view, proud, ambitious, generous, and honourable and of loyal nature only if Sun is not afflicted. If afflicted. If afflicted he or she will be arrogant, dominating, selfish and extravagant. Marriage to a person of high or good social status is indicated. Business or social advancement may come through marriage.

Sun in 7th usually delays marriage towards the middle life. In case of affliction of Sun, the partner can be a social climber, vain, boastful and of ostentatious character and extravagant. The best way to deal with such a situation is to submit to the other partner, and avoid domestic quarrels. The affliction to Sun also indicates formidable opposition to the marriage from parents with financial authority and ambitions which may cause wrecking of career or the women may be abandoned by her husband causing unhappiness, separation and divorce. She may suffer from diseases, irreligious and delayed marriage. Such a women will hate sex acts, which may also become a cause for separation. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun will reduce the evil effects to some extent.

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